Beginning a new year as a 501c3 organization!

What began with one bucket, a trash grabber and a friend quickly turned into a mission to provide tools to help. The Blue Bucket Project has already given out 400 blue bucket litter pick up starter kits since March 2021. Now you can help make your community a better place.  Start the process by contacting us!

To find out more about Flash Trash Mobs, click the link for 'events' in the menu. FTMs are no RSVP but if you click on the link there is a place for you to submit your email address for a reminder or calendar post.



Not only do we give out  kits, we also help pick up litter! We each have our own neighborhoods plus we organize Flash Trash Mobs for a quick intensive 60 min pick up in areas that need extra help!

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Our Mission:

To increase individual or family engagement and motivation in helping keep our community litter free by providing equipment, resources and opportunity.

Included in every litter kit is:

a 5 gallon bucket, a few trash bags, a grabber tool, gloves, a safety vest and resources. (total worth about $25)

Each participating household will receive a complimentary kit. If others are requested, there is a minimal donation of $20.   

You can help put more litter kits into the hands of neighbors and friends. Click on the button to donate via PayPal.  



Dedicated Volunteers


Dedicated People

 60 min Flash Trash Mob collaborating with KOB Friends of Mandan Park. We gave the park a boost!

Mandan Park

Not only did we get 38 bags of litter & trash, we hauled them to the entrance. Amazing volunteers.

Super Mobsters

72nd & Farnam: New spot, new finds! Nancy donated the $20 to the BBP.



All items shown here are in a Blue Bucket Litter Pick-Up starter kit:  bucket, bags, grabber, gloves, vest. All except the comfy T-shirt. Those can be purchased at a Flash Trash Mob event or through the Blue Bucket Project website for $25. Donations of $100 or more receive a complimentary T-shirt.



We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about The Blue Bucket Project, how you can receive a kit,  and how your neighborhood can benefit.  You can also let us know if you are interested in participating in Flash Trash Mobs.  The BBP is a 501c3 organization.

Thank-you to supporters:

Lowe's Central  75th/Dodge Omaha

Cox Charities Community Investment

Bread For the Journey

Collaboration with KOB, Omaha Parks VIP 

"This is a GREAT organization that wants to help keep Omaha clean and nice looking. It's all free, and you can do your part with just a little bit of your time. You can get out and walk, meet your neighbors, and do something nice (and cheap) to help keep Omaha clean!" CM (one of the BBP participants.)


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