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What began with one bucket, a trash grabber and a friend quickly turned into a mission to provide tools for others to help. The Blue Bucket Project has provided over 500 litter pick up starter kits throughout the Omaha area. You can help make our communities better places. Start by contacting us!

Pop Up Pick Up

Exciting New Pilot Project 

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1.  Check here to see where we'll be that day.                         Participate when it' convenient for you

2.  Grab a bucket & grabber tool.

                 Alone or with friends or family

3.  Spend a few minutes cleaning up the area.

               More if you have the time.

4. Return equipment & bags for the next person.

                 We'll handle the rest.

                  Funded by Bread for the Journey

Who We Are

We are a community funded, community engaging project in the Omaha area.

Our mission:  To increase individual or family engagement and motivation to keep our community litter free by providing equipment, resources and opportunity.

What We Do

Not only do we give out  kits, we help pick up litter! We each have our own neighborhoods plus we organize Flash Trash Mobs for a quick intensive 60 min pick ups in areas that need extra help!


Working together. The Blue Bucket Project works with groups doing team building or service projects. Our capacity is for smaller groups while our friends at Keep Omaha Beautiful and Omaha Parks VIP are able to work with larger groups of 30 or more volunteers.  Need more info? Please contact us: 



Dedicated Volunteers

Our Services


Blue Bucket Kits

The BBP provides  litter pick up starter kits to folks who'd like to help keep our community cleaner and safer. Each kit includes a 5 gal bucket, grabber tool, reusable gloves, 3o gal trash bags and a safety vest. In order to sustain our mission, one complimentary kit per household. Need more? $20 each.


Flash Trash Mobs

A Flash Trash Mob (FTM) is a group of people who gather at a specific time & place to do 60 minutes of intense yet fun litter  gathering. Anyone can attend. Supplies are provided or

you can bring your own. FTMs are often at highly used intersections or areas of need. We  schedule mini-mobs. 


Community Service

The Blue Bucket Project is classified as a community service nonprofit under environmental cleanup. Individuals or students can work to help their community as either a volunteer or to complete community service hours. We are approved by the National Safety Council

 Nebraska Chapter.   

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Items in a Blue Bucket Litter Pick-Up starter kit:  bucket, bags, grabber, reusable gloves, vest. All except the comfy T-shirt. T-shirts can be purchased through the Blue Bucket Project website for $25. Donations of $100 or more receive a complimentary T-shirt.


 Contact us today to learn more about The Blue Bucket Project, how you can receive a kit,  and how your neighborhood can benefit.  You can also let us know if you are interested  in Flash Trash Mobs. 

The BBP is a 501c3 organization.


Thank-you to our supporters:

Bread For the Journey

Lowe's Central  75th/Dodge Omaha

Cox Charities Community Investment

Veridian Credit Union

SHAREOmaha & Omaha Community Foundation

Collaboration with KOB, Omaha Parks VIP, Google, Community Alliance, Nebraska Safety Council 

"This is a GREAT organization that wants to help keep Omaha clean and nice looking.  You can do your part with just a little bit of your time. You can get out walk, meet your neighbors, and do something nice (and cheap) to help keep Omaha clean!" CM

(one of the BBP participants.)


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